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I Love Marijuana Official Video by The Hemp Potter 4 (C)2017

I Love Marijuana by The Hemp Potter 4

Written by Mickey Michaels & The Hemp Potter 4

CNN Sucks (Get Loose Baby)

Our newest single written by Mickey Michaels and the Hemp Potter 4, available for download purchase at  for the costly sum of 99 cents. Your purchase helps finance out recordings. PS The snippei with the band after the end has no sound. Produced by Pat Collier & Mickey Michaels Engineered by Pat Collier Recorded at Perry Vale Sttudio


"I Love Marijuana" by The Hemp Potter 4 Transmitted Into Outer Space For First Contact with Aliens and UFOS

(PR Web Press Release November 14, 2017)

The Hemp Potter 4 "I Love Marijuana" the new Marijuana Anthem by The Hemp Potter 4 is being transmitted into Outer Space via The Milky Way by Space to Space Technology hoping for First Extraterrestrial Contact on November 14, 2017.

  "I Love Marijuana" by The Hemp Potter 4, an English Bo Diddley Frat Garage Band led by Eddie Edwards, founder of the first wave UK band, The Vibrators, is being sent to other planets, solar systems and galaxies via the Milky Way using Space to Space technology . If there are UFOS, Extraterrestrial life and Alien Civilizations, The Hemp Potter 4 wants to introduce the Extraterrestrials to Bo Diddley and Garage Rock and to sing along to "I Love Marijuana". will be transmitting into Outer Space the "I Love Marijuana" music download available and distributed by and the official "I Love Marijuana " Hemp Potter 4 You Tube video along with a short written message by the band.

About Us

The Hemp Potter 4 Story

 "I Love Marijuana" by The Hemp Potter 4 from Brightlingsea, England is an Anthem to Marijuana written by the band and their manager, Mickey Michaels.The Hemp Potter 4 was formed by Drummer Eddie Edwards, founder of The Vibrators and The Inmates  and features Dave English -Lead vocals, father, Alfie English-Bass, backing Vocals, son, Darrell Mayhead -Guitar & Backing vocals of course Eddie Edwards on Drums & Backing Vocals. The Hemp Potter 4 play Frat Bo Diddley Party Rock

What Inspires Us

The Hemp Potter 4's musical influences include the great Bo Diddley, Howlin' Wolf, The Downliners Sect, The Kinks and the Stooges and aim to make Rock fun again instead of being Politically Correct

I Love Marijuana The Story Behind The Recording

Manager Mickey Michaels, an occasional social pot smoker took notice that there weren't that many Marijuana Rock Songs in an era where Marijuana seems to be legalized each day. So he decided to write a Marijuana Anthem: "I Love Marijuana." The idea was to incorporate the basic phrase "I Love Marijuana" with a strong Bo Diddley beat powered by Eddie Edwards drumming. Michaels set up the basic gist of the song to Eddie and Eddie and The Hemp Potter 4 expanded on the original lyrics and Mike's ideas. Producer and Engineer Pat Collier, a co-founder of The Vibrators with Eddie,  brought everything home at  Perry Vale Studios ("I Love Marijuana" is currently only being sold as a Download and can be purchased online at CD Baby

I Love Marijuana by Mickey Michaels, Eddie Edwards Dave & Alfie English, Darrell Mayhead (p)(c) 2017

I Love Marijuana

I Love Marijuana

I Love Marijuana

I Love Marijuana

I Love Marijuana (Chorus)

I Love Marijuana

Love Marijuana cause it makes me High,

Love Marijuana I can touch the sky,

Love Marijuana it cures my ills,

I Love Marijuana I can get my thrills.

I Love Marijuana

I Love Marijuana 

What do you care what we do,  

Smoking marijuana don't harm you , 

Spoil my pleasure is the only crime,

 So fancy gangsters can make a dime.  

I Love Marijuana

I Love Marijuana


Second Tokes Better than the First 

Second Tokes Better than the First 

I Love Marijuana it cures my ills,

Cut down on pills and gives me thrills,

I Love Marijuana it calms me down,

It's time to make it legal in this town.

I Love Marjuana

I Love Marijuana

I Love Marijuana 

I Love Marijuana (repeat to end) 

Note: Dennis Judy also contributed a lyric

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